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Thursday, 12 January 2012

PeaCefuL ThurSday MOrnin'..

Felt like wanna start my internet program by add 0n sumtin in my bl0g..why n0t faceb0ok @twitter?mmm..naaa...kindda b0ring wit th0se page..;p
What a relief t0day when my angel start her school after 3days absent wit a smile n without crying..thanx darling,but u make me wanna cry wit ur matured attitude..whoaaa:(((
Because 0f her,i've g0t my energy&mo0d to tidy up my coc0on.
The best part is when i polish my perfume bottleS..i really felt alive wit dis kind of glaSs..they r so cute,unique and i really loves to stare it @nite..wanna know why??
I like to see my perfume bottles at night, because they will sparkle when exposed to light sleep.
I feel very romantic..euuwww=)

Wednesday, 11 January 2012


As a fashi0n maniac..s0metimes i felt im t0o slow because of nature rules..
doE=...as a modern mom, we need to work extra in out, t0o lo0k go0d,be g0od @ feel good..g0sh..i wish i have super power=talking insane way;p

 JUICY COUTURE Rose Gold Watch
that really catch my eyes..will get it for my pink collection:)

 Floral seas0ns..
more to Vintage i think,but still c0ming seasons will be more cheerful,col0urful and sweet.

Classic yet ellegance!
Suit for work and kasual wear..eyes catchy! f0r me its lo0k carismatic with bold colour and brown line.

Saturday, 7 January 2012

Jangan malu-malu..jgn segan-segan..READ DIS FELLA~*_^

Frens out there..i've got a problemo wit my shoutb0x..so pls let me know of anything by email,sms-ing
@fb-ing k..:)
Theres no need to b ashamed @malu2 kucing..im damn c0ol:)
coz i really busy nowdays..pls BUZZZZZ me okayh!
Blogging with coffee!:)

B pretty,b smart and b c0ol babeh..chow!xoxo